What We Do

Are you an organization or community group that would like to learn more about brain injury, including concussion?  NBIS provides educational presentations to people and groups who might need a better understanding of the complex issues that arise when living with, or working with people who have an acquired brain injury.  These groups include brain injury survivors and their caregivers, youth, social service agencies, health care professionals, specialized groups such as teachers and community coaches as well as the general public.

Our Education Program includes:

  • Monthly...

Peer support is an important part of recovery from ABI.  Research shows peer support can assist ABI survivors and their families in managing both the navigation of services and programs available, but also the personal needs of survivors of ABI and their caregivers.  Peer support provides emotional support and well-being and improved health and quality of life.

Peer Support is emotional and practical support between people who share a common experience, such as an ABI. A Peer Support Volunteer has lived through a similar experience, and is trained to support others. - defined by Peer Support...

What is Navigation?

  • Navigation at NBIS serves to link people affected by brain injury to both formal and informal resources.
  • Focuses on identifying and serving the needs of the client and caregiver as a unique individual.

The Community Navigator Program is a non-medical support service that helps people affected by ABI and their caregivers by:

  • Providing non-medical client assessment and joint identified actions
  • Empowering ABI clients and caregivers to self-manage their recovery through peer support programs, group and individual education, supported decision-making and goal-setting
  • Ongoing...
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