Our Vision

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NBIS aspires to a world where neurological health is nurtured, and where full and active citizenship is attainable by all.



NBIS fosters opportunity and self-determination with those affected by Acquired Brain Injury.



Since the inception of NBIS in the 1970s we have sought to influence an environment where health for all citizens is valued.


People Focus

We believe all people are entitled to claim their identity.

Within our organizational culture we strive to be fully responsive, open and accountable.

We believe that it is the right of all persons to lead a life with dignity and satisfaction.

We believe that our role is to assist people to find and build upon their wealth of strengths.

We believe that people have power to direct their lives within a community and society.

We collaborate to effect a barrier-free climate, relationships, resources and procedures through which people can enhance their own lives.

We challenge ourselves to uphold the disability rights slogan “nothing about us without us” at all levels of the organization.



We believe that positive interpersonal relationships can mutually transform lives.



We strive to act collaboratively and consistently with NBIS’ Mission

We strive to be hopeful, honest and compassionate in what we do, say and how we interact.

We strive to be responsible for our collective and individual actions.

We strive to reach decisions democratically.



We welcome, listen to and serve clients, families and communities.

We believe approachability and inclusivity are paramount in all our internal and external dealings. 



We challenge ourselves to be dynamic and maintain the highest performance in learning, leadership and support in order to achieve the highest impact.


Read NBIS' Bylaws & Constitution.