12 Ways of Giving

DONATE TODAY!    It's that time of year! Once again we are kicking off the holiday season with our third annual "12 Ways of Giving" campaign. We are so grateful for the support we have received during previous years and we hope to build on last years success!  With the continued stress and isolation caused by the pandemic, survivors and their families are struggling to access the resources they need for life after brain injury. Did you know that 1 in 20 people in Nanaimo are affected by brain injury? Brain injury can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere it is often a lifechanging event.  NBIS programs and services are offered free of charge to our community through the generous support of donors like you.  This holiday season, we ask you to include brain injury survivors in your gift giving plans to help people going through major life transitions feel a little less alone. Head on over to our Youtube channel to watch a few special NBIS supporters speak about the different ways NBIS helps our community.  Thank you in advance for helping us make a difference, please visit www.nbis.ca/donations to donate.


Your One Donation Benefits the Community in 12 Different Ways…


Peer Volunteer Support

NBIS offers programs that involve peer volunteers with lived experience of brain injury who support clients by sharing hope, reassurance, and first-hand knowledge.


1-1 Client Support & Resource Navigation

NBIS supports individuals with their immediate needs and long-term planning after injury by providing connection to resources and services in the community, and other NBIS programs.


Awareness & Advocacy

NBIS works with local, provincial and national partners to raise awareness, advance research and create change for the benefit of brain injury survivors and families. 


Family and Caregiver Support

NBIS provides education and support to family and friends caring for someone with a brain injury.​


Education and Prevention

NBIS hosts community education, workshops and symposiums to share information, provide support, and build community awareness.


Community Partnerships

NBIS collaborates with other community organizations, businesses, and various levels of government to leverage resources and build healthier communities for all.


Helmets for Kids

NBIS gives free helmets to families with financial barriers so kids can be safe while riding their bikes.


Virtual Programs

NBIS delivers virtual programming to extend our reach to other communities, inrease accessibility, and accopmodate people with different needs.


Counselling Support

NBIS offers free counselling to help clients cope with the mental health challenges that may follow a brain injury.


Brain Injury ID Cards

NBIS provides free identification cards for clients affected by brain injury as a tool to help them avoid misunderstandings with police, EMT’s and others.


Social Connections

NBIS runs formal and informal group supports that provide meaningful social connections virtually and in-person.


Quality of Life

NBIS supports individuals by giving them tools and strategies to re-learn the skills associated with daily living to improve quality of life.


Cognitive Rehabilitation – Way #13 Coming in 2022!

NBIS provides cognitive rehab for people living with a brain injury.